If you have been wanting to jump into or grow in Graphic Design, but don't know where to begin- this is for you! 

This is a 3 week course which has two sessions per week (Every Monday & Wednesday). Each session starts at 8PM EST and is around an hour long and will be happening LIVE (via Zoom). If you miss a session, don’t worry they will be recorded for you to view later. At the end of each session, there will be a quick time of Q/A about the topic discussed. The whole course costs 350$ to join and includes a total of around 9 hours of content, extra resources to help you continue growing in your graphic design journey, as well as an exclusive Saint Lennon Design Camp T-Shirt. The course starts May 31st and ends June 16th.

Week 1: (May 31st & June 2nd)
- Session 1: What is Creativity/ Developing Your Own Style
- Session 2: The Ten Principles of Design 

Week 2: (June 7th & 9th)
- Session 3: Personal Design Process 1 (Mixed Media)
- Session 4: Personal Design Process 2 (Illustration)

Week 3: (June 14th & 16th)
- Session 5: Conceptualizing with the Holy Spirit
- Session 6: Full Q+A Session


"10/10 you guys need to take this course. It definitely helped me understand what graphic design is; I had a hard time choosing between careers and it made it clear that I should be a graphic designer. It was so inspiring to be in this class! We did a project and I truly applied all what I learned from the class!" - Diana D.

"Design Camp was super impactful! Reaching beneath the surface of basic creativity and diving into understanding the process of collecting and visualizing, I learned a lot! With a heart positioned toward intentionality and purpose, this course teaches more than just art. For me, it has been an encouraging start to what I hope will develop into my own career in design." - Julia H.

"This Design Camp truly helped me tap into my creativity, build a firm foundation spiritually and creatively, and connected me with so many people from all over the world. I didn't know what to expect because this was the first time I actually went out of my comfort zone and invested in a design course but this exceeded my expectations and is worth every penny. Andrew, is such an inspirational artist and minister, and I'm forever grateful for this opportunity." - Megan R.

If you are a part of a creative team, church or organization I am doing a group rate discount for 3 or more people!

If you want more information on that or anything else about the course you can send me and email at!