I am a husband, father, pastor, designer, and creative.

Since I was young, my heart has been drawn to the world of art. However, it was never something I thought I would pursue professionally. I began stepping in and discovering graphic design for myself around 7 years ago and that began the journey. The first job I ever took was to design a tattoo. From there I fell in love with illustration and it has greatly impacted my design style (as you can tell). I eventually got into album art, logos, branding, merch design and it organically grew from there. At the beginning of 2019, I took a leap of faith and started doing freelance full-time and I have never looked back since. Because of the flexibility with design, I am able to be fully present with my wife and son, and have the capacity for full time ministry.

My heart’s desire for what I produce is to make art that carries beauty and substance. I believe art has the ability to reflect the nature of God and even carry His presence; this is what I hope to do in everything I create.